Room Rental


Are you a qualified practitioner who is looking for a space to practice from?

Stortford Therapy Space welcome qualified practitioners the opportunity to rent rooms and provide both traditional and holistic therapies to the local community.

Stortford Therapy Space facilitates the work of independent / self-employed therapists at our clinical premises. 

All therapists working at the centre do so independently, and obey the ethical guidelines set up by the professional body the therapists belong to. 

Our space facilitates contact between enquiries and therapists, and provides clinical premises. Clients undertake therapy under a direct agreement with their chosen therapist. Our space does not collect data regarding any aspects of the therapy or the therapeutic process. Any relevant data collection is the sole responsibility of the therapist. 

No Current Availability

If you are interested in renting room space, why not make an enquiry today and leave your contact details. Once there is availability we can contact you.


We have 5 rooms which are able to provide: 

- 1:1 sessions (suitable for all ages)

- Family work

- Group work

- Workshops 

Room space is rented in blocks. These can be from as little as 3hrs to a whole day block, depending on availability . 


All practitioners who wish to rent rooms  will be required to provide copies of their qualifications, professional body membership certificate, Public Liability insurance details,  and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) number if working with those under 18 years of age . 

Practitioners will also be required to complete  a room rental agreement. 


Please contact us if you have any further questions